How I became the Sunday Driver

Any chance you get to play Bandon Dunes, take it. It puts a cheesy smile on my face every time.

Any chance you get to play Bandon Dunes, take it. It puts a cheesy smile on my face every time.

This is a story of reinvention. Golf world, it’s good to be back.

Truly, when one door closes, another one opens. I had so much fun writing for Golfweek magazine (which is probably how you know me) that when it was time to move on in 2015, I began to slowly dream up the next golf adventure. How could I manage my own space, and write about the game there? What would I call it?  It all clicked one day, about a year later, with a Google search (for “amateur golf” synonyms)  and that’s how Beyond the Sunday Driver was born. What I’ve learned during the process of bringing this blog to life is that playing golf is great, but there was an unmistakable void left by all the great people (all over the country) who I got to know and interview. I love finding and telling a good golf story, so now I’ve just decided to do it on my own terms. This project gives me a reason to get back out there.

I created Beyond the Sunday Driver to entertain golfers who think like me. It’s an online collection of stories about people hopelessly invested in the game and the places and experiences unique to it. It’s a connection to the players who pour over equipment specs, build golf pencil collections in their desk drawers, devise ways to play the best courses, are addicted to the unique thrill of college golf, and test their own games on any of the dozens of amateur circuits around the country. Beyond the Sunday Driver will be as eclectic as its readers. My mission is part finding and telling their stories and part exploring what it means to be one of them by building my own adventures around golf, which is something I’ve been doing for at least a decade.

I’m only 30, but I’ve been a college golfer, a post-college golfer trying to figure out the secret to balancing a day job while keeping my handicap down, a high school golf coach, a rules official and, of course, a golf writer. I cut my teeth as a college player, but the addiction really set in at Golfweek, where I got to do everything from collecting scores to tournament operations to editing the magazine’s web site, all while writing prolifically on the college- and amateur-golf beat. What a dream.


This Sunday Driver space is just a small part of the big picture. When I’m not here,  you can find me searching for words of wisdom for my high-school golfers and eighth-grade English students, coaxing my dog Penny into bringing back her ball, or running circles around my little beach town in marathon training. And of course, taking my sticks out for a peaceful twilight round, my favorite time of day.

I remain on Twitter (no longer @Golfweek_Jules but rather @SundayDriver_Jules) and Instagram (@beyondthesundaydriver), and I hope you’ll find me there to say hello and suggest golf adventures for my summer vacation (teacher life suits me). Better yet, I hope our paths will cross on a fairway here or there. Thanks for reading.