If the game of golf is really going to grow, then the heart of that growth will be in amateur golf. The Sunday Drivers, if you will. We’re huge golf nerds who care enough to pour our precious after-5 hours and our disposable income into a game we love. This is the most fanatical level of golf outside of tour life.

Beyond the Sunday Driver was built to entertain those amateur nerds. It’s an online collection of stories about people hopelessly invested in the game and the places and experiences unique to it. It’s a connection to the players who pour over equipment specs, build golf pencil collections in their desk drawers, devise ways to play the best courses, are addicted to the unique thrill of college golf, and test their own games on any of the dozens of amateur circuits around the country. Beyond the Sunday Driver is as eclectic as its readers. My mission is part finding and telling their stories and part exploring what it means to be one of them by building my own adventures around golf, which is something I’ve been doing for a decade.

I’ve been a college golfer, a post-college golfer trying to figure out the secret to balancing a day job while keeping my handicap down, a high school golf coach, a rules official and a golf writer. The last, a six-year gig with Golfweek magazine, was by far the most memorable and is probably how you know me. I was @Golfweek_Jules, now @AGC_Jules (and occasionally, #rulesjules). Under the Golfweek flag, I occupied roles varying from score collector to tournament operations to web site editor, all while writing prolifically on the college- and amateur-golf beat. What a dream.

So I knew a thing or two about golf when I graduated from the ‘Week in 2015 and began looking for a new role in the game. There’s no greater thrill to me than finding and telling a story about golf’s people and places. You can now find my work most often on or in the Morning Read.

It’s good to be back. Thanks for reading.